I took these photos few months ago by the beach in Fuengirola and I wanted to share them with you all because I think it’s awesome, right?

These artists often make these things with sand, some water and these tools as you can see in the first photo.


Hope you like them!

2 thoughts on “ARTISTS WITH SAND”

  1. Dear Melania,

    It’s truly awesome! Thanks for this post! ❤ And your English is AMAZING! Rich range and excellent accuracy! Well done! You could mention you are in NB2 (A2).

    As I know you would be interested, here is some language feedback, in case you want to edit your post.

    LoM (List of Mistakes)
    THESE thingS (you did very well in the other two cases!)
    That's all!!

    Some Further Tips, to learn more!

    We call this kind of art, Sand Art. So we also speak about "sand artists".
    Instead of "instruments" you could be more accurate by saying "tools".
    Then, there's the question of "I think it's awesome". It's OK, but if we wanted to be less informal or more accurate, you would have to consider reference: wouldn't it be better to say "they're awesome" (reference: them, photos) or "these sand sculptures are awesome" or "sand art is awesome"? See what I mean? See it's not a mistake? We actually SPEAK that way.

    Well, gotta go! See you around!

    PS: I selected some tags and categories for your post, and will link to it from one of the pages above.


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