Celebrating Book Day: Federico García Lorca

lorcaWhen Lorca was murdered by Franquist officials, they burned/burnt his books. They wanted to wipe out any trace of Lorca’s existence. Like many other Spanish people, his body has not been found and is probably in a mass grave.

Audio. MF (teacher) reads out a bio on Lorca at Poets.org, a US American Poetry website, and makes a couple of brief comments. Listen here: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0H612ziPfGy

Articles. Here is a recent article published in British The Guardian newspaper. And another article

Website. Casa-Museo de Lorca. Museum-House


We couldn’t find a video where Lorca’s poems are read with an Andalusian accent. 😦 Please, let us know if you do!

6 thoughts on “Celebrating Book Day: Federico García Lorca”

  1. Hello Michelle! I love this new blog! It’s great!
    Here you HAVE two videos with andalusian accent I could find on Youtube. It’s was a little bit difficult to find them but… These are the links:

    This is the second time I try to post it because I can’t see the comment on the page and I don’t know if I you can see it.

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    1. Dear Melania, how good to see you around and to hear your feedback! Thanks! We’re really excited and hopeful with this project! Feel free to send in your work, too! Big hug! ❤

      PS: We’ll replace the videos asap! Gotta go now!


  2. I’m agree! 😀
    I loved the post and your explanation about the differents accents. Thanks for correcting my mistake (are-have) I noticed! 😉 and thanks for inviting me to this blog!


    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 You’re good company! 😀 ❤
      Your English is awesome! Great progress!
      More language tips:
      I agree! I don't agree
      Here you are! but Here you have my work


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